California Turns to Artificial Grass

Governor Jerry Brown announced last week the state of California's first-ever mandated water reduction measures. The state is enjoined to reduce their water consumption by 25%. The mandate is directed at homeowners who overwater their lawns. Jerry Brown even went so far as to say that the days of the nice green lawn getting watered every day is a thing of the past. With these stringent new regulations being put into effect, artificial grass is looking more and more attractive and less and less like a secondary choice.

One resident in Orange County says that she and her mother live in a house with a natural grass yard. The natural grass has been there for sixty years. However, she says that if the drought worsens, she and her mother will consider installing artificial grass. They won't however install xeriscaping because having lawn that is suitable for sportive activities is important to her family and her children.

Her mother even went so far as to call artificial grass the wave of the future. Indeed, artificial grass will soon displace natural grass as the standard surface material for residential yards.

The California Water Resources Board will announce how it will achieve statewide cuts in two weeks.

Synthetic Turf Sports Complex Coming to Kent County, Delaware

A sports complex in Kent County, Delaware, is planned to be constructed which has 12 synthetic turf fields. The project will cost $24 million and will have a $24 million yearly impact on the local economy after it has been built. The plan is for the synthetic turf sports complex to be like a tournament site rather than simply a sports complex.

Organizers hope that the synthetic turf sports complex will attract important sports tournament games. The organizers have used as a model a similar sports complex in Maryland which opened in 2000 that has been a very large source of revenue for the entire area of the complex. The organizers hope that the same revenue generation will occur after the synthetic turf sports complex is built in Kent County.

The organizers also hope that the synthetic turf sports complex will be host to other non-sports activities and foresee it being used as a space for festival-like activities with music, food and entertainment going on along the sports activities.

Financial benefits are augmented by the fact that the synthetic turf fields will cost only ¼ of what it would cost to have natural grass installed therein.

Synthetic turf in sports fields is certainly a new standard in sports field surfaces.

Is Synthetic Grass Safe for Children?

Is synthetic grass safe for children? A queries asked by many individuals who are considering synthetic lawn because of their homes. The answer is absolutely yes! For 40 years, under EPA supervision and OSHA- not one individual fabricating, has ever documented bad effects related to any substances associated with synthetic lawn.

In July 2010, the Connecticut Division of public-health announced that a new study of the threats to children and adults playing on artificial turf fields containing crumb rubber infill reveals "no elevated health dangers."

A December 2009 U.S. Environment Protection Agency scoping study of the health dangers from inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact with artificial turf and crumb rubber found every evaluation result to be "below levels of concern."

The Ca EPA launched a study dated July 2009 which signified there is an insignificant individual health threat from inhaling the atmosphere above artificial lawn.

Impartial evaluations conducted from the New York State Department of Environment Conservation and New York State Division of Health, released in May 2009, proved there were no important health concerns at artificial grass fields.