Install a Putting Green After It's Approved by Your HOA

If you install a putting green in your yard, remember to get it approved by your local HOA if you are within their jurisdiction. One homeowner in Elkhorn, Nebraska, claims that he is being bullied by his homeowners association, the Fire Ridge Estates Homeowners Association. According to the homeowner, he got his putting green approved by the HOA, and that they are now bullying him into replacing it with natural grass and sprinklers.

The homeowner says that the HOA are models of selective enforcement: they connive at some violations and prosecute others according to their own fancy. If the order does not get overturned, the homeowner will have to pay to have his putting green uninstalled and put in natural grass and sprinklers, wasting his investment.

The homeowners association claim that their policies clearly prohibited fake grass. My surmise here is that the homeowner applied for the putting green and the HOA approved it without knowing that the putting green would be made of fake grass. If that's so, to ask the homeowner to replace such an expensive investment, when they themselves were partly responsible for the misunderstanding, isn't fair.

The lesson here is that you should get your putting green unequivocally approved by your homeowners association before laying one foot of turf. If not, you may have to get it removed.

New Jersey Town Opts for Synthetic Turf

Two high schools in Parsippany, New Jersey, will have synthetic turf installed in their sports fields. The sports that the synthetic turf field will accommodate are lacrosse, football, soccer, and field hockey. Students will be able to enjoy the enormous of benefits of synthetic turf fields once they are installed, which is during the summer. The synthetic turf project will be completed just in time for the start of the next sports season of the new school year.

The project will cost a total of $2.7 million with about half of the budget going to the installation of synthetic turf in each high school. With synthetic turf installed, the high schools will save money on water and maintenance. Besides, they'll be able to use the fields more often than if natural grass were installed, namely after rainfall. Students and the community will get more use and value out of the fields once synthetic turf is installed.

As you can see, installing synthetic turf is not just a fad popular right now because of its novelty, but because of its practical application and advantages. It saves high schools money, water, increases student morale, and encourages physical activity by being accessible for more hours of the season.

You Can't Keep a Good Idea Like Artificial Grass Down

If an idea is good, it will slowly catch on. Artificial turf is a good idea. Therefore, it is slowly catching on. - in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. A local high school has plans to install artificial turf in their sports fields this semester because of the enormous benefits it yields.

The installation of artificial turf will begin within a few months and will be completed by the time football season comes around in the fall. The school has been tossing the idea around but finally made a decision to install it because it will save money and make money for the high school.

The project, which will cost $1.3 dollars to complete, will save the school money on maintenance, water consumption, will allow their students to take greater advantage of the facilities by being able to use it during times when it would otherwise be unusable (e.g. after rainfall), and would also make the fields a source of considerable revenue generation - they will be able to rent the facilities out to other organizations and people in the community when the school's teams and classes aren't using the artificial turf fields, making them money.

The school will install Ecofill as an infill, which is a plastic infill made from pop bottles and plastic bags.

San Diego Artificial Grass Installment Discounts

San Diego residents are going crazy over artificial grass. Artificial grass used to be limited to sports fields, but has recently gone mainstream, being installed in residences and commercial facilities. San Diego residents are attempting to save water in California's record drought, and artificial grass is an effective solution.

One program created by the San Diego County Water Authority is offering discounts to homeowners who install artificial grass if they install it through a handful of installers. Residential and commercial property owners can take advantage of the water-saving program, and no application process is necessary. All property owners have to do is call the qualified artificial grass installers, mention the discount, and that's it.

San Diego is indeed on the cutting edge of water-saving efforts around the world. By creating this artificial grass incentive program, they will spur homeowners to replace their lawns with artificial grass and save the region water, and set an example for the rest of the country.

Other counties haven't tried such a solution simply because they haven't seen how it works. If San Diego's program proves successful, surely other counties will follow suit. San Diego's program proves that artificial grass is becoming a norm rather than an exception.

ZeoFill Infill: Perfect For Petgrass

Are you a dog owner with a yard? Do you own a pet clinic with a yard area or artificial grass area? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you may be looking for something to mask the odor. Pet odors can be very annoying if you have a lot of dogs. You may be wondering how to get rid of the pet odor in the yard that just won't seem to go away. Or maybe the odor is only perceptible during the summer in the hot hot heat. Irrespective of your situation, ZeoFill infill is the perfect solution.

ZeoFill absorbs pet odors. It is an infill usually applied to artificial grass after installation, but it can be used with any grassy surface, real or synthetic. Just drop the ZeoFill infill in two pounds per square foot at minimum and all of your pet odor problems will be a thing of the past. The ZeoFill infill absorbs the pet odors, releasing a chemical reaction that ultimately extinguishes the ammonia, quenching the odor.

Thus, ZeoFill infill is the perfect solution for pet owners with a yard area, or for pet facility owners with a grassy surface area on which the pets play.

The Basics of How to Install Artificial Grass

Not all artificial grass installers will agree on how to install artificial grass. There are a multitude of approaches to take when address the question of how to install artificial grass. Every yard configuration is different, and for as many yards that exist, there are as many answers to the question of how to install artificial grass. Some artificial grass installers have different preferences; with different preferences come different methodologies for addressing the question of how to install artificial grass. Despite that, there are a few principles that all installers will agree on on how to install artificial grass.

1. When determing how to install artificial grass, first figure out the area that will be covered with artificial grass. Then excavate that area 4 inches deep.

2. After excavation, import the base material. Use decomposed granite or crushed gravel.

3. Compact the base material.

3. Import the turf.

4. Fasten the turf with nails and sod staples. Apply seaming tape and seaming glue if necessary.

5. Lay an infill material into the turf fibers.

6. Brush the turf with a broom.

Porch Potty Alternatives

Do you have a dog? Are you a homeowner? Are you considering getting a porch potty? Perhaps you should consider installing artificial grass instead. Some dog owners will partition an area of their yard for their dog, fence it off, and then install artificial grass in that area for their dog. Some place this designated dog area on the side of the house next to a dog door connected to the house so that the dog can come and go as they please. 

The main problem people encounter with a porch potty is with the drainage.  It leaks, which can get urine all over the porch. After a while, this can start to smell. A better alternative is the artificial grass dog run. If installed correctly, it doesn't have drainage issues like a porch potty because the liquids drain right through it, just like normal grass. Solid wastes are picked up manually.

Unlike a porch potty, an artificial grass installation has natural drainage just like real grass, except unlike real grass, the grass doesn't die. Furthermore, it can't be uprooted by your dog's digging like real grass. No more replacing patches of grass or emptying out the liquids from a porch potty.

Outdoor Carpets are Ideal for Entertaining Guests

Have you thought about using an outdoor carpet? Outdoor carpets used to be a fancy not to be taken seriously or implemented in one's own property or yard, but now it's become a serious option. And I don't mean a shaggy carpet but one that simulates the look of real grass. Outdoor carpet technologies are commonly used for public spaces or areas that are expected to receive a lot of foot traffic. They are commonly installed at restaurant patio areas, tributary pathways or areas at sports fields, or even at homes.

If you like to have people over, having an outdoor carpet is useful for entertaining guests. If you have a super bowl party, for instance, you can have a lot of people mingling in the back patio with an outdoor carpet installed and not have to worry about grass getting trampled to death. It also looks better and is softer than a typical concrete patio deck. And it's a good conversation starter.

Installing an outdoor carpet on a back patio is easier than a sod-replacement installation if a concrete slab is already in place. If it is, installation is as simple as gluing the outdoor carpet to the top of the concrete. More complex installations require hiring a professional.

Artificial Grass Crumb Rubber Tests

Environmental experts have studied artificial grass installations for negative health effects. Most of them agree that the artificial grass are safe for children and adults alike to play on. But the jury is still out. Most of the studies that have been done were not comprehensive enough to say unequivocally that artificial grass crumb rubber infills are bad for human beings to be in contact with. The only way to say for sure is to do more tests.

Official organizations like the Synthetic Turf Council claim that there are no bad side effects from playing on an artificial grass field with crumb rubber infills; and other artificial grass companies claim likewise. But the conflict of interest of these companies and their claims of crumb rubber's harmlessness leaves many skeptical. More are pushing for crumb rubber's ban if tests cannot be completed.

The main obstacle preventing more thorough tests from being completed is that testing is very expensive, more expensive than most companies are willing to dish out, especially for something that could result in evidence which might be harmful to their business.

Other companies with a conflict of interest propose hiring a disinterested third party to conduct the tests so that artificial grass can be absolved in this crumb rubber controversy.

Is Synthetic Grass Safe for Children?

Is synthetic grass safe for children? A queries asked by many individuals who are considering synthetic lawn because of their homes. The answer is absolutely yes! For 40 years, under EPA supervision and OSHA- not one individual fabricating, has ever documented bad effects related to any substances associated with synthetic lawn.

In July 2010, the Connecticut Division of public-health announced that a new study of the threats to children and adults playing on artificial turf fields containing crumb rubber infill reveals "no elevated health dangers."

A December 2009 U.S. Environment Protection Agency scoping study of the health dangers from inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact with artificial turf and crumb rubber found every evaluation result to be "below levels of concern."

The Ca EPA launched a study dated July 2009 which signified there is an insignificant individual health threat from inhaling the atmosphere above artificial lawn.

Impartial evaluations conducted from the New York State Department of Environment Conservation and New York State Division of Health, released in May 2009, proved there were no important health concerns at artificial grass fields.

No Maintenance Garden on Your Roof Top

A roof terrace is the ideal spot in which to enjoy the outside, but a terrace that is plain may be bleak and unwelcoming. Produce a garden in your top deck with potted crops and a lawn area where you could relax in the seclusion of your room. While roof top gardens are not unusual in urban areas, putting can result in difficulties that are damp and organic lawn requires attentive drainage setup. Artificial lawn is a choice, and much more easy to install. International Syn-Turf's artificial turf are available such astonishing places as rooftops, decks and patios.. As back yard that is prime roofs rely for several city-dwellers where utilizing organic grass is just not useful and possible. Synthetic grass makes a floors choice that is interesting and creative maybe not just for roof tops but also for decks, patios. Deliver the clean appearance of green grass without bugs, the dirt , allergens or care of a real yard, in to your home.

Synthetic turf is "a touch of the suburbs in the metropolis". Green-space in the town is tight, and comes in a high cost. If it is a lush, eco-friendly lawn you are looking for when buying a property in huge towns like Nyc and Chicago, you are likely best to check out the suburbs. But you'll find landscaping options like artificial grass which comes in various alternatives with prices start at $5.00 per square foot entirely to $12.00 per-square feet for the pet-friendly grass. As for upkeep that is regular, an annual bringing is really all that is had a need to keep the lawn blades upright, although for owners an infrequent power-wash with a detergent that is light might be required.

The Greatest Environmental Problem in California

Smog is not the top environmental problem among Californians anymore, in accordance with a public-policy Institute of California study. It's water. Since sixty percent of a regular household's water usage is for outdoors and bulk of outdoor water goes to lawns, synthetic grass is becoming an excellent alternative for real lawn during the drought in the 90s in California, now the desire for it is greater than actually. As a way to fight the drought effectively, more than 60% of a regular residential home's water use goes to yards, changing real yards to additional low water or artificial lawn needing planting becomes nearly imminent. Gleneagles is a challenging greens in San Francisco, California that's been experiencing care. This unique greens has survived several economical problems, yet the course owner has been caused by the latest increase in water rates to contemplate shutting the class. Using synthetic lawn in golf links can be an excellent idea. Although the first price may not be low, but when individuals carefully compute nowadays's water cost together with maintenance cost on lawn that is real offered considerations of that artificial turf can withstand use than turf that is normal, it may possibly just worth it!

Ca isn't the only condition with famine problems. In TX, corporations that fabricate or install artificial lawns are having a boom in business, due to the famine-like conditions and watering limitations in many North Texas cities. Right as there are famine restrictions, sprinkling constraints, or an ordinance such as the City of Texas two-times a week restriction, it actually only makes the artificial grass industry burst.

How Pet's Turf is Made, or How to Choose Synthetic Pet's Turf

There are a lot of artificial grass firms out there claiming they offer pet grass products, which make people consider they've many alternatives for fashions and different quality of artificial dog grass. The reality is they do not. Because 90% of all man-made, synthetic grass or turf is made in or near Dalton, Georgia by carpet makers, the machines that make carpeting also make man-made synthetic turf using a "tufting machine." The only difference between carpet and artificial turf is the yarn that is employed and the rubber backing. Global Syn Turf's petgrass is a real deal. Their petgrass attributes unique Flo-Rite-Thru technology with a proprietary backing and integrated antimicrobials permeable, GST petgrass needs less water and empties 50 times faster.

When referring to Pet's turf, most people tend to concentrate on the grass products itself and discount the fact and advantage of the turf system of a Pet. So that you can make the grass of Pet successful, obviously the synthetic grass is the center piece of the system, other components also need to be seriously considered. ZeoFill, a natural mineral powdery particles have to be used as an "infill" to be fusion into the Pet's turf, which will behave as a neutralizing agent to minimize the odor of pee. A well prepared 3-4" base with compacted crushed rocks and decomposed granite is certainly required to allow proper drainage. Global Syn Turf's Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Neutralizer should be used to remove any pet's scents. From time to time, pets owners should broom up the turf of the Pet through the use of such product as Global Syn-Turf's Turf Groom.

Artificial Grass - Back Yard Lawn Vs. Front Yard Lawn Dilemma

Can you save time and money on maintaining and watering your yard and still have sharp-looking beautiful green lawn all year long?

If you are a California home owner, you probably tired of solving the dilemma of a beautifully manicured lawn vs. monthly water bill. Not to say that a recent California water drought hurt farmers and drove up food prices adding at least $10 to $15 at the checkout for every $100 we spend in supermarkets. If you live on at least a half of acre piece of land, your water bill can be as much as $250 per month. It is not a question of choosing between a house-with-a-yard living vs. an apartment-life-style. It is a question of choosing between your back lawn and the front lawn. That is at least for me.

I love to have a fresh, soft, natural lawn in my backyard. As to a front yard lawn, I do respect my fellow neighbors, but not to the extent of spending extra $1800 dollars for an automated sprinklers system and an added $120 to my monthly water bill. Calculate this.

$100 (on an average) x 12 month = $1200 per year. It is $6000 in 5 years. At least. How about $70 each month to make your lawn looking sharp and taken care of really well? I mean, if you have time to mow your lawn, it's great. I don't. How about fertilizers? Sum all above. In five years you have already spent ten thousand dollars, i-don-t-know how many hours of maintaining your front yard, dealing with gardeners, poisoning you pets and yourself with pesticides. Call it $20,000 in the next 10 years, and $40,000 in the next 20 years. That's a good amount of money to start digging for alternatives.

First alternative is simple and disapproved by the good-citizen-neighbor next door. Just don't water you lawn. Let it die. Hope it will somehow come back next winter. Artificial grass? Oh, no. "It looks plastic-y." Seriously? Do you think technologies boomed only in the i-phones, aliens-movies industries? Nowadays, you can get an artificial grass that look so natural, you never believe it until you see it with your own eyes. The prices aren't as high as one can expect, but the installation is not cheap. DIY is possible if you have a flat, simply configured lawn, but you lawn isn't flat, you better deal with the professional installers. How much can it cost you in California? With installation it can be from $8 to $9 per square foot. I can spend ten grand on this project, but I am still 30 thousand dollars ahead, considering a fact, that if you buy from a reputable company, the life expediency of an artificial turf is about 20 years.

Most manufacturers give 7-years warranty on their products. It is really not good enough to be sure you are making a good investment. You should have at least 10-years warranty and the twenty years life expediency on the turf. Then you know you have a good deal, especially if you are thinking environmentally safe, lead-free, safe for kids and pets. In times where there is not enough water to farm, staying conscious about water preservation is something every one of us must really think about twice.